Little Treble Maker – Remembrance Edition

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Reasons you need a Little Treble Maker

  1. You want to cut through the mix without colouring your tone
  2. You need 'more' but without increasing volume
  3. Your tone sounds flat, unrefined or muddy, missing that certain 'sparkle'
  4. You want to tighten up delay trails in the fx loop
  5. You need a treble boost but adding a rangemaster in your signal chain would be problematic due to placement and impedence
  6. You want a boost that works anywhere in your signal chain

Example uses for the Little Treble Maker

  1. Before a FuZR to tip it over the edge into full on filthy noise
  2. After all the stacked drives in your signal chain to tighten up the sound and add some sparkle before you hit the amp
  3. In the FX Loop, after analogue delays to tighten up the trails and shape the wet tone
  4. As a straight OpAmp boost into the amp of in front of the signal chain to add gain

Little Treble Maker is available now