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Reasons you need a FuZR

  1. You need classic fuzz tones, that roll off well
  2. You want germanium style fuzz tones, without the noise, hassle or cost of germanium
  3. You need a broad palette of tone, from dirty boost, light overdrive, full fuzz to glithy synthy tones
  4. You want to use the same fuzz for a range of guitars and pickups and want to be able to dial in the bias to get similar tones with each
  5. You love fuzz and want to support small pedal makers in the UK

Example uses for the FuZR

  • Straight into an amp that is already crunchy, to get those classic fuzz tones
  • After a boost to provide creamy full fuzz tones
  • With fuzz and volume set to 100% but the guitar volume rolled back for those sweet germanium-style sparkle tones
  • With modulation, rotary or univibe effects to get psychodelic!