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FuZR - Fuzz Pedal

FuZR - Fuzz Pedal

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FuZR is our take on the classic Fuzz, offering vintage tones, great clean-up, dirty boost through overdrive to full on modern fuzz mayhem, even glitchy, stuttery, synth like tones are possible!

Built using two darlington pairs of silicon transistors, quality through-hole components, assembled by hand in the UK.

Roadworn portrait option will not remain at this low price for long as there is considerable work required to prepare each enclosure by hand.

We have a small handful of the V1.1 FuZR PCB in stock, these sound just as good as they always did but won't inculde the new clean blend feature and are not pot mounted. The PCB is not fixed down inside the enclosure but also will not move around given the wiring confguraiton and placement. The old PCB did require significantly more offboard wiring effort, which we have addressed in the redesign. If you want one of these you can choose that option and snag one.


  • Classic fuzz tones - with fine-grained control over volume, fuzz and bias
  • Germanium-like tones, using two sets of darlington pair silicon transistors. This brings all the benefits of modern silicon but reduces the harshness of the tone and makes the pedal more "germanium-like".
  • Clean blend - Internal trimpot for adjustment, dial in as much clean blend as you need, we prefer just a light sprinkling to taste. NOTE- Not available on the old V1 PCB option.
  • Bias control option 1 - External bias knob. Exactly dial in dirty boost, overdrive, thick fuzz, glitch and even synth-like tones. Fully tweakable
  • Bias control option 2 - Bias switch with three positions, each with a tweakable internal trimpot, so you can set your three favourite fuzz tones and then forget about tweaking and just play! NOTE - V1 PCB option can have the switch, but will come with three fixed bias positions, no internal trimpots
  • NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Landscape orientation works great with our other pedals, but also works in portrait
  • Power accepts standard 9v-18v
  • Cool footswitch lighting
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