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Fate - Boost & Fuzz Dual Pedal

Fate - Boost & Fuzz Dual Pedal

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What do you get if you bring together a Glint Bost and a Fuzr? Fate.

Glint, our JFet based boost, with filter switch, offers a nice full fat boost that remains clean at higher volumes, unlike a rangemaster circuit. It also doesn\t cut frequencies and mess with your sound in the same way (if you want a range master your should check out our Arcanum pedal!).

Slam that boost on hte blue side into the front of the red side of the Fate, the FuZR circuit, and you have full on fuzzy tonal destruction in a very usable package. The FuZR is a fuzz face derivative, which uses silicon darlington pairs to give a germanium like feel and remove that common silicon harshness. So, germanium-like tones without the headaches of either silicon or germanium, it's its own thing. There's also a bias knob to dial in cream to splutter in an instant and real dialin the pedal for your rig.

Glint into FuZR, blue into red - it's Fate!

Comes equiped with:

  • Blue Side - Jfet boost with input capacitor selector switch
  • Red Side - Silicon fuzz circuit with volume, fuzz and bias controls
  • True-bypass switching for each side, with footswitch halo LED lighting
  • High quality through-hole PCB design
  • Assembled by hand in the UK
  • Hand painted and finished enclosure
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