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Arcanum Boost Pedal

Arcanum Boost Pedal

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Transistor option

There's something extra special about those old boost pedals from the 1960s, especially those from Dallas. They cut the lows just right, really allowing the guitar to shine in the mix, but they're also super loud. They're amazing pushing an amp into break-up and beyond.

The downside of those old boosts, if you can find one, is that the parts are temperamental (in terms of component variance, heat sensitivity, and they're just really really old). As they use germanium transistors they are also wired for positive grouns, the power is the "wrong way around" and that means they are battery only - or where they have power connections they can't be daisy-chained without risking damaging the pedal or your power supply. They're often noisy as well, picking up power noise on the wire.

Enter the Arcanum, summoned to provide you with tones to fully realise "The Devil's Music", using either new or vintage NOS transistors but with a low noise power circuit that ensures you can power the effect form your pedalboard power supply without any of those aformentioned issues.

Sounds and feels just like a range master of old, but without the hassle and in a pedalboard friendly package. What's not to like?

Comes equiped with:

  • Input capacitor selector switch
  • Vintage transistor, or new modern equivalent as options
  • True-bypass switching, with anti-pop circuitry
  • Red LED
  • High quality through-hole PCB design
  • Assembled by hand in the UK
  • Hand painted and finished enclosure
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